Blinds Automation Kit

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The Blinds Automation Kit is the smartest, Bluetooth-enabled, retrofittable kit for horizontal blinds. Enable sunrise/sunset automation, regulate the temperature of your home with Energy Savings mode, and set repeating tilting schedules, all without having to lift a finger. The Blinds Automation Kit includes a solar charging panel so you never have to plug your blinds in.

- Easy to retrofit existing blinds

- Automatically tilts blinds open and closed

- Controls natural light and maintains privacy

- Easily controlled and programmable via Bluetooth-enabled device


Not compatible with mini blinds, aluminum blinds, cordless blinds or vertical blinds.

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A Smart Solution For Ordinary Blinds

The Blinds Automation Kit gives you control of your home’s lighting and privacy from the palm of your hand – using the existing blinds you already have in your home. All of your schedules and automations are remembered within the onboard motor and are repeated no matter where you are. All you need to set up and control your smart blinds on demand is the MySmartBlinds smartphone app on a Bluetooth-enabled device. (The app is compatible with iOS and Android.) If you want to enable voice control and on demand control from anywhere, use the tilt Bridge to use your smart blinds with Alexa or Google Assistant.


Absolutely no hardwiring necessary.

Easy to Install

Remove your existing blinds and install the included hardware to make your blinds smart. Fits all major brands of 2 - 2.5 in horizontal blinds with a lift cord"

Same Blinds You Love

Since the automation all sits inside the blinds’ headrail, you maintain the clean look of the blinds you love.

Features & Benefits

Make Your Blinds Smart

Keep your existing blinds. Make them smart. Turn your home's windows into the gateway to your smart home without replacing the window coverings you already have and love.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive Smart Blinds

Keep your home on schedule without lifting a finger. Set schedules and light preferences that update automatically with seasons and time changes. Onboard memory gives peace of mind that your blinds will perform on your schedule no matter where you are, so whether you want to make your home look occupied when you’re out, protect your furniture from sun damage, or feed your plants with sunlight, we’ve got you covered.

Features & Benefits

Easy Versatile Control

Control your smart blinds your way. If you already use Alexa or Google Assistant in your home, connect your blinds with the Bridge to get voice control and access from out of Bluetooth range. No smart home assistant? No problem. Set repeating schedules in the smartphone app and quickly control your blinds on demand from your phone and with the tilt wand.

Features & Benefits

Your Home Your Way

The motor inside the Blinds Automation Kit is packed with features designed to keep your home comfortable. Onboard temperature sensors help save energy by repositioning blind slats to heat or cool your home without touching your thermostat. Sunrise/sunset automation lets you rise to the healthiest alarm clock – natural light – and gives you complete privacy as the sun goes down.

Features & Benefits

Save Energy With Solar Power

Solar charging means no plugging in, wasting batteries, or losing power. Save your home – and yourself – some energy.

The Blinds Automation Kit
includes the following:

  • 1 Blind Motor
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Solar Panel
  • Installation Hardware